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Writing Notes

The FemmeBoi’s mission is to create space for BIPOC trans nonbinary and gender non-conforming people to tell their own stories. We are seeking to elevate writers living at the intersection of underrepresented communities. The FemmeBoi is where duality and intersectionality meet. Intersectionality is a term coined by Kimberle Crenshaw to describe how overlapping interconnected social categorizations such as race, class and gender apply to systems of discrimination or disadvantages.


The FemmeBoi aims to be a place for individuals to tell their stories authentically. 


  • Must be 18+

  • Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color

  • Be trans, nonbinary, or LGBTQ+


  • Unpublished work only

  • 850 - 950 word count

  • Submit as .PDF or .DOC 

  • Simultaneous submissions accepted but must inform us if piece is accepted by another publisher

All published contributors are paid for their work.

Email for additional questions.

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