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Queerer Things: 4 Reasons to Watch 'A Luv Tale'

Get into Black Queer films from the past.

Onto queerer things. I’m a basic lesbian/queer person. I have an unapologetic habit of only watching movies or television shows which feature lesbians and/or queers. This obsession has lead me to watch many television shows and movies; some even in foreign languages because I’m that invested in my addiction. Over the years, I’ve spent many hours on treasure hunts for black lesbians in film.

A few weeks ago Amazon upload a film I haven't seen or heard existed. Being a lesbian/queer film and television connoisseur, I was surprised the title never crossed my search engine. When I saw the cover photo with two beautiful black women it was like a dream come true landed on my lap. I immediately curled up in my chair turning on this sexy black film about two women falling in love. I texted my best friend through the entire forty-five minutes because it was giving me life and I needed to share with another black queer. My little basic queer self watched it twice in one night. I mean because why not?

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